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Broken Toilet Seat 

toilet seat darlington 

A broken toilet seat is not only unsightly and inconvenient, but can be downright dangerous to your health and safety.

If it moves when you sit on it and you fall to the floor, you can do yourself a serious injury that requires a visit to the hospital.

You should never stand on a toilet seat to reach anything off a shelf or to reach the tops of your walls or ceiling while painting. They're only meant for sitting on. Anything else is dangerous.

We can install you a new toilet seat while you boil the kettle and break out the biscuits.

Your toilet seat can become jaded and unhygienic over the years. A regular inspection is easy to carry out and a new toilet seat is not the greatest expense in the world to keep your toilet fresh.

When you've picked your new toilet seat and it's ready to fit, just give us a call and the job's as good as done.

Installation only.....